Wireless Barcode Scanner

Wireless Barcode Scanner 1D/2D

There Has 3 Kinds of Wireless Barcode Scanner : 433Mhz,   2.4G,   Bluetooth2.0/4.0  ,Nowadays 2.4G Model Is Less and Less,Because It Has Short Transmission Distance(10-30Meters),Also It Can Not Support Multi-Scanners Connect To One Receiver.433Mhz Model and Bluetooth Model Has Become More and More Popular.

Bluetooth Model,Take HC-M3B. As An Example,Bluetooth4.0 Make It Support To Connect With Android/IOS/Windows Devices,No Need Any Driver Instrument.Users Can Use It Directly After Finishing Bluetooth Setting.Very Flexible To Use.Tranmission Distance(0-15Meters)

433Mhz Wireless Model:433MHz is More Stable To Transmit the Data and More Long Range than 2.4G Model,Take HC-380 Model,It Can Transmit The Data To Your Server From 0 To 300Meters Max,What is More,It Supports Multi-Scanner Model Connect With One Receiver(5 Scanner To 1 Receiver).No Need Any Drivers.It Can Be Used Directly.