How Many Kinds Of Barcode Scanner Engine in the Market?

Different Scanner Engine has different characters,There has 3 Kinds Scanner in the Market,1D Laser Scanner,1D CCD Imager Scanner,2D Imager Scanner.Just Like the Following Pictures Shows:

So What are the character of each scanner engine? 

1D Laser Scanner: The Laser Scanner Light is focus and Thin,It can Scan Barcodes Very Fast ,However,It only Support to Scan Barcodes From Paper or Labels

1D CCD Imager Scanner: The Scanner Light is Dispersed and Thick,The Reading Spped a little slow than the laser scanner,But It can read all barcodes from both paper and display.It is espericial to read tiny barcodes.

2D Imager Scanner:2D Scanner light is think one,It can scan all barcodes and 2D codes like QR codes,PDF417 Codes etc,From Both Paper and Display,Very Fast and Accurate Scanning Performance,With a Flash Light,It has very excellent performance in a Dark Working Environment.

All Scanner Engine can be work in many application fields,like warehouse/Retails Stores/Events/Delivery.So There Must has one model you will like most.laugh