Handheld PDA For Logistics and Warehouse Stock Inventory

Before the development of computers and improvements in technology, all inventory management was done with pencil and paper. Additions to inventory, quarterly counting, and shipping of inventory was written down to adjust inventory levels. Today, businesses usebarcode scanning systems to record shipping and receiving of inventory to quickly and accurately record adjustments in inventory. A click of a button does the work of pencil, paper, and mental math—improving efficiency and accurately.

Nowaways,The Prodction Effeciency Improve Great A Lot Than Before,The Transportation Fast Development Make It Possible To Go Anywhere,And More and More Warehouses Are Built For Storage the Product.

With the WMS(Warehouses Management System) Solutions and Delivery Solution,People can Manage Their Warehouse Easily and More Effecient.The Clients can receive the products they have bought fast with a good delivery solutions.

So here comes the question:How do they manage the product and delivery???

There has 2 Ways : 1. Using Barcode(QR Code) Technology  2.RFID Technology

Today we are going to introduce the Barcode Technology:As we all know,each product will have a Barcodes or QR Codes On the Package,The WMS will use the Barcode Scanner or Handheld PDA to Collect the Product Data(Receiving,Shipping,Stock Count,etc..) by Scanning Barcodes or QR Codes.Sames As Delivery Solutions,When the Drivers Scan the barcodes on the Pacakge,then it will show the Buyers Information(Name,Contact,Products,Location etc),When Clients Signed the Name,The PDA will send the Information(Package Signed) To the Main Server.

Barcode Technology Has Been Used For Long Time,and It Still Widely Used In Many Fields Like Retails,Manufacturing,Logistics,Health Care,Security,Event and So On