Warehouse Barcode Management System, including single goods management. Not only manage inventory of goods species, but also the specific each single goods. The marked bar code on records product state , so as to realize track management of single product .


1. Ordering

When distribution center places an order to suppliers according to the order book or shelf CARDS to arrange order. Operators can use Hencodes PDA series products to input order book or bar code on the shelf to computer (which contains the information such as name of commodity, brand, place of origin, specifications etc.) , and then through the host, using network to notice suppliers what they order goods, how many they order etc. information, the suppliers can timely deliver goods as required. It is obvious that this way of ordering has several times higher efficiency than the traditional manual order.

2. Receiving

When distribution center receives goods from suppliers, receiver will put a barcode label in items package , as this kind of goods corresponding with warehouse shelves record accordingly. At the same time, using Hencodes PDA series products to scan barcode of of package , through network to transfer information to backstage management system , and ensure package bar code one-to-one corresponding with commodities bar code. This way of barcode scanning can greatly reduce the error rate of manual operation .

3. Delivering

Using barcode to manage goods when they are in warehouse ,it means that the operators input basic information into the computer through device to scan barcode , it will tell the computer system what need be in storage and about the quantity .Computer system according to the predetermined principle of storage, inventory quantity, determined the location of each goods, according to the number of goods to provide barcode labels, the bar code label contains the location information of each kind commodity . Put packages to conveyor after posted label . Conveyor will identify bar code on packages then put them in the specified location area. Adopt this way to put goods into storage, not only can greatly reduce the workload, also can improve efficiency and realize to put goods into warehouse quickly.

4. Tracking

Application of bar code technology, before handling goods, please first scan the bar code on the package , the computer will prompt workers to put the goods into advance distributive position , after delivering goods to specified position, then scan the barcode to confirm whether the position is right or not .Thus, the bar code played an important role from delivering goods to warehouse and to right position .

5. Storage

One is inventory management .Warehouse management system divide goods type and allot according to unique code (article number) according to the commodity description , model, specification, origin, brand, packing and so on . "Manage Inventory " according to different " article number " and manage single gathering of " article number " , also for various warehouse operating .

Second is management of warehouse location .Location management is the management of inventory space . Warehouse management system is according to the warehouse location to record goods inventory , please ensure the location bar code and product bar code one-to-one correspondence when goods are delivered to warehouse ; it can realize " first-in first-out" or grasp batch management information according to goods storage time .

Third, barcode warehouse management, including single goods management. Not only manage inventory of goods species, but also the specific each single goods. The marked bar code on records product state , so as to realize track management of single product .

6. Distribution 

In the process of distribution, bar code management may be adopted . Application of bar code in the sorting, distribution, it can make quick sorting and improve work performance if adopting barcode technology in sorting and distribution . After distribution center receiving customer's delivery requirements , customer's goods requirements will be collected , and provide barcode picking label. This kind of bar code label contains the goods will be sent to which city or street etc information . According to picking list ,sorting workers sort and post picking label on the product ( including barcode label with goods basic information ) . Please ship sorted goods to automatic sorting machine, placed on the inductive conveyor. Laser scanner will automatically identify two barcode labels on the goods , to check picking with any mistakes or not .If no mistake, the goods will be shipped to classified spout .Then the goods of different branches will be packed into different containers, and post address card with bar code , the barcode label contains information for goods to which area. Then please send containers automatic sorting machine, Laser scanner will scan barcode labels on containers , then send containers to different shipping space . When found a mistake, the goods into will send to specific spout .

7. Replenishment 

Find inventory ,to determine whether you need to purchase goods or whether goods take up too much inventory , also need use bar code to implement management . In addition , because commodity bar code and shelf is one-to-one, also can check shelves to achieve the purpose of the replenishment .Barcode not only plays a role in the distribution center business processing, but also data capturing in distribution center,operating management can't leave barcode . Through computer to manage barcode , commodity operating ,inventory data capturing . you can timely understand inventory on the shelves , thus reasonable inventory control to reduce the inventory ; also can do replenishment in time, reduce the economic loss caused by stock out .