Retails and Supermarket : 

1.Stock Inventory:
With Barcode and QR Code Technology.The Shop Keepers can easily do the products stock inventory with Hencodes Android Handheld PDA Series,So That They can check which products will be out of stock soon and they can do the Replenishment.Never Effect the Sales.
2.Cash Register Count:With POS System and the 1D/2D Barcode Scanner,Shop Keepers can quickly scan the Barcode or QR codes on the items package and settle the account,Improve the work efficiency.
3.Mobile Payment:Mobile payments are convenient for users because they take advantage of technology that is always with them: their mobile phones. Today’s world sees customers abandoning credit cards in favor of mobile phones.
Mobile payments are also convenient for sellers: set-up is quick and simple, mobility allows sellers to accept payments away from their primary business location, the conversion rate is five times higher than credit card payments, and sometimes, it is even less expensive than regular credit card transactions.