Pick Up Stage

1. On Spot Billing:Input Shipping Data of Goods( Weight, Volume, Property, Forward Destination, Operating Center Information) to Hencodes and use Bluetooth Printing Technology to Print the Bill; Scan Barcode Information ; Then make full data records to secure accurate goods logistics information flow;

2. Logistics information on time up load:when pick up the goods after full information input, transfer related data to the courier company information center server via.GPRS or 3G wireless communication; So during goods dispatch stage operator would learn real time loaded goods information in the Hencodes PDA Terminal to avoid goods lost to be loaded.

Transport Stage


1. During load up stage goods weight and volume data would be accumulated processed by Hencodes terminal to increase transportation efficiency:if any parcel too big to load up Hencodes device would warning up the loading operator so they would take on time measures

2. All of loaded goods data would be checked through networks on time and possible problem would be feedback timely avoiding disputes:goods down load stage would be scanned when trucks reach to transportation center by Hencodes terminals, scanning information would be transferred and checked via WLAN networks, if any abnormal situation occurs,PDA would give on time warning to eliminate dispute in the goods hand over stage.

Customers Signed Stage

1.Customers check the package first,then sign and pay the shipping bill.PDA scan the barcodes on the package and click signed button,It will transfer the data to the Server.